I am self-taught in art and painting. Being a pharmacist by training, I began approaching painting from a pharmaceutical perspective. I like to explore colours and shapes, developing a unique artistic expression. I enter the world of art unburdened and free, with an open view of painting and art itself.

»I do not paint for my soul, my soul does it for me.«

My painting is about a different (philosophical) view of painting and a kind of energy painting of the interspace. I paint things that are often invisible to the eye, but not to the subconscious, and at the same time I believe that paintings address our unconscious with subtle vibrations. It is the unconscious that also drives art. In my work I try to create new worlds that are on the borderline between the real and the imaginary. Looking at a painting holistically, I sometimes go so far as to paint the back of the canvas.

In my work, I try to build the power and convey the message through a disciplined use of the basic elements of art – points, lines, colour surfaces, contrasts, the dialogue between light and shadow, softness and roughness. Besides colours, I am no stranger to the other construction elements of nature. Wood, stone and metal will continue to be the building blocks of my artworks.

»I let my artworks create themselves in a certain way.«

I prefer to paint with acrylic on panel. A hard surface is helpful for me to paint on, as I often mix the colours on the painting itself. By organising the canvas, by bringing geometry, numerology, and symbols into the composition, I try to build the artwork systematically. In my quest of showing how I love colours and shapes I tend to search for answers to the mystical question: “Why are some things beautiful??”Perhaps it is also because of this constant questioning that I am called an Alchemist. I tend to make use of numerology and the rules of the golden ratio as well as my most frequently depicted symbol of the spiral which often help me recreate beauty.

»My signature seal is in the form of a spiral.«

My paintings do not need frames, because frames confine the paintings. Without frames, the viewer can enter the painting more easily and experience it more fully. In this way, I allow the viewers to paint themselves the extension of the painting at the point where it seemingly ends.

My popular subjects for paintings are fishes, roosters, human bodies and a lot of trees, as I consider the latter to be among the most energy-rich and evolved creatures on our planet. Namely, a tree can be a human being at a time, or something abstract with a shadow or a reflection at other times. It can have deep roots or be a representation of the interspace of that being. Trees can also be a collection of human bodies, which breathes a soul, variety and life into the tree.

»I often finish painting projects as trilogies.«

The more paintings I create, the more they provide starting points for new compositions and colour solutions. In the future, I will strive to make my work even more communicative, artistically accomplished and technically polished.